Monday, January 30, 2012


Today I saw a street painter paint an image of Adam and Eve on a small canvas on the sidewalk. The same time the major news outlets were reporting about the fighting between the Occupy Oakland crowd and the police and 300 protestors were arrested.
The occupy wall street crowd- regardless if they're fighting directly against wall street in NYC or if they're in other cities are fighting the infiltration of massive amounts of greed into our human ecosystem which has left 1% of the population with the majority of means and caused the other 99% to become less and less able to persue their own pursuit of happiness.

Greed is what allowed such a small minority to gain so much power and wealth while many others are homeless and/or losing their homes. I was reading today that 12 million homes are underwater meaning there are 12 million families that might end up without a home.
Assuming there are 3 people living in a home - that would come to 36 million people. If 4 people live in a home that's 48 million people. Massive numbers of people that might end up without a home.

Back to the artist on the street - looking at his Adam and Eve I started thinking how wise the Bible was that the first story about humans had to do with their being in a garden of Eden having almost everything they could have - and they were willing to risk it - to get a little more. They had everything but one tiny apple - but for that apple they were willing to lose the garden of Eden forever.

Scary times we live in. So many people out of work - some predict unemployment is really at 20% if you count everyone - meaning one in five people has no work, many losing their health insurance and homes -

Is humanity also destined to lose the garden of Eden? That said - from the raw data many feel so many people feel they've been kicked out of the garden of Eden that they wouldn't mind revisiting it with a torch and burning it down - cause they feel our society isn't their home any more and that they've been destined to live outside the garden without ever getting permission to enter.

I look at the street painter and move on. He continues painting his garden of Eden on the cold winter streets.

Time will tell who will win - the cold harsh streets and their jungle street logic - where it's always the survival of the fittest regarldess if he's the majority of the minority - or the ancient biblical tale of the price everyone pays for greed.


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