Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Answer is always YES!

The answer is always YES!

Should you stand up against injustice-
When you are afraid they will turn injustice against you?
The answer is always yes!

Should you see when it's better to pretend to be blind?
Should you be awake when it's better to be asleep?
Should you try to help someone just cause he is a human being
and will never be able to help you back?
The answer is always yes.

Should you say something when you are not sure of the words?
But know words are needed to be said?
Should you protect a helpless victim from a bully,
When you might get victimized yourself,
Just cause it's the right thing to do?
Should you fight evil ? When  you know you may lose?
Just to slow Evil from expanding all around you?
Should you waste your time and energy trying to bring light to the world-
When all around - there is so much darkness?
Should you go on loving - when everyone around you is  hating?
Should you go on listening when everyone around you is shouting?
Should you  continue believing in peace - even when everyone is so eager to wage a war?
Should you believe in humanity- when everyone around you is  seeking revenge?

The answer is always yes!
Cause we are humans and that's what we do!


No one remembers anything.
Especially not the past

They don't remember who you were
and it doesn't matter if ...
Yesterday, or twenty years ago - or  this morning
you thought you were the most beautiful person in the world
or The ugliest.
Who cares
If once upon a time you were -
The most popular Or
the most unpopular,
the loved or
the unloved
 Who cares if
you were hated, respected or invisible.
Who remembers?
It's all forgotten too.

Only you remember where you came from.
Everyone else-
Only sees where you're heading
And if you're heading in the same direction as  them
They'll ask you for a ride
Or smuggle onboard your journey -
wanting a free ride for themselves.
They might
be jealous of you or hate you for going to places they were afraid to go.
And even that - isn't the end of the world - cause
even friends become strangers
and they'll be forgotten too.

And since they don't care about your past
You shouldn't either.
It doesn't matter what you were,
In the stone age of your life -
 five minutes ago-
It doesn't matter if you revealed your sad story to the whole world
and now feel embarrassed for revealing so much,
Cause  most of the world is deaf to other people's sadness.
And  even those that remember some of the details of your life -
Have forgotten the most important parts of it too.

 Let your past go
Cause it's an extra weight that's not letting you race towards your future.
And if you don't hurry,
Your future will soon become your past
And will be forgotten too.


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