Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years.
Years have passed and the same questions still haunt me. What have we learned?
What have we learned as people? What have we learned as a society? What have we learned as humans?
Sadly, I can say not that much.

We are working on our 911 film in full gear, yet sadly a lot of people we approach for help tell us they are not ready to deal with Sept. 11 in any art form, especially not in film.

Is that all we have learned as a society? That pain is better not confronted in directly? That it is better to forget than to remember?

I believe one of the main reasons 911 happened was because we as a society tried to pretend we don't see things- and yet there is always those who will make sure we see them.

Most of us want to live our lives peacefully and focus on our immediate family and friends. But we live in a world where we must all be a part of society and the global village- cause the global village unfortunately has people like Bin Laden wanting to endanger some of it's members.

My grandfather was assassinated by a terrorist. So I know the pain lunatics like Bin Laden can do to individuals. The pain that is not part of a general statistic but part of a very specific family. My family.

We must fight these terrorists as a society but we must also fight not to become like them in our fight to eradicate them.

May we all be strong and to the families of the people in the towers and the firemen and policemen who lost their lives - my heart is with you today.




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