Sunday, November 12, 2017


This is your day.
All of it.
Own it.
Use it.
Make sure - it is not wasted.
Make sure every second counts.

This is your day.
You are it's master.
All the hours of the day are yours.
You can do anything you want with your time.

Don't let the world waste it for you.
Work the hours you need.
But remember -
The rest of your time is all yours.
Don't let anyone steal that time from you.
Cause people can give you back money
But they can't give you back time.

This day is yours
All yours
So don't waste it.
Do anything you want with that time.
Live it like it will never end.
Live it - like it will end in five minutes.
Live it like it was your last day.
Live it like it was your first day.

This is your day.
This is another opportunity to
live your own dreams and enjoy them.
These dreams were destined for you.
So wake up
And use your day
To realize your dreams.
Your dreams
And nobody else!


Don't let them throw you out of your own home.
Get back in.

Its yours.
You built it.
You watered it with your love and passion.

Fight for your home
Cause You don't have Another.
Fight Like you have never fought before.
It Is Your home.
It Is worth the fight.

They want it
cause they are impressed by what you have done
to your home.
They want it
cause They Think They Can Take
your home
from You.
They think you are afraid.
They think you can't fight.
Oh... How wrong they are.

Fight for your home,
Cause you don't have another.
Fight for your home-
Cause this is a fight worth fighting for.
Fight for your home
Cause you built it.
Fight for your home.
Cause it is your home.
And no one will take it from you.

Fight to win.
Fight to the end.
And even if you lose -
Make sure they lose too.
The home they tried to take from you -
Will cost them so much to win -
That eventually when they look back
They will not only remember what a hollow victory they won -
And how expensive and painful their victory was -
They will always remember it was your home
And even though they took it from you
In their minds it will stay yours forever.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Don't listen to all the noise outside

IF you want to be an artist.
Never listen to the noise outside.
Only listen to the voices within.

You see - the minute you stop listening to your own voice
and start listening to the noises outside.
They won.
They killed the artist in you.

Your voice will always direct you to your inner truth.
But only if you truly listen to your voice.
So listen to it.

The minute you start adopting someone elses voice as yours
You will be taking yourself on a journey to nowhere
and before you know it -
You will be so  lost in the forest of total darkness
you will see nothing, except your own despair
And feeling like a fake for pretending it is your voice.

Remember it is better to follow your own voice
And not know where it will take you
Than to follow other people's voices
And become totally lost estranged from your own soul -
Feeling betrayed that you didn't trust it
But preferred to trust someone elses soul.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Don't be the background of your own life.
Be the foreground.

LET GO of the ones that don't want to see the real U
and want you to pretend that you are the background of their own lives.
It doesn't matter how connected you think someone is
Or how much you think they can one future day help you,
If someone doesn't want to see you
For who you really are
They're not that important to U!
Cause the real you is actually invisible to them and they will force the real you to
eventually become invisible to you too.

REMEMBER - You are the foreground of your life!
Be what you were destined to become.
It doesn't matter if you were destined to become a gold laying goose, a swan or just a really fun to hang out with black duck.
Regardless of what kind of bird you will become  - remember
You will always have wings
You will always be able to fly away.
You are a free bird.
You are a beautiful bird.
So don't let any fake friend cage you.
And if they try.
Fly away.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Answer is always YES!

The answer is always YES!

Should you stand up against injustice-
When you are afraid they will turn injustice against you?
The answer is always yes!

Should you see when it's better to pretend to be blind?
Should you be awake when it's better to be asleep?
Should you try to help someone just cause he is a human being
and will never be able to help you back?
The answer is always yes.

Should you say something when you are not sure of the words?
But know words are needed to be said?
Should you protect a helpless victim from a bully,
When you might get victimized yourself,
Just cause it's the right thing to do?
Should you fight evil ? When  you know you may lose?
Just to slow Evil from expanding all around you?
Should you waste your time and energy trying to bring light to the world-
When all around - there is so much darkness?
Should you go on loving - when everyone around you is  hating?
Should you go on listening when everyone around you is shouting?
Should you  continue believing in peace - even when everyone is so eager to wage a war?
Should you believe in humanity- when everyone around you is  seeking revenge?

The answer is always yes!
Cause we are humans and that's what we do!


No one remembers anything.
Especially not the past

They don't remember who you were
and it doesn't matter if ...
Yesterday, or twenty years ago - or  this morning
you thought you were the most beautiful person in the world
or The ugliest.
Who cares
If once upon a time you were -
The most popular Or
the most unpopular,
the loved or
the unloved
 Who cares if
you were hated, respected or invisible.
Who remembers?
It's all forgotten too.

Only you remember where you came from.
Everyone else-
Only sees where you're heading
And if you're heading in the same direction as  them
They'll ask you for a ride
Or smuggle onboard your journey -
wanting a free ride for themselves.
They might
be jealous of you or hate you for going to places they were afraid to go.
And even that - isn't the end of the world - cause
even friends become strangers
and they'll be forgotten too.

And since they don't care about your past
You shouldn't either.
It doesn't matter what you were,
In the stone age of your life -
 five minutes ago-
It doesn't matter if you revealed your sad story to the whole world
and now feel embarrassed for revealing so much,
Cause  most of the world is deaf to other people's sadness.
And  even those that remember some of the details of your life -
Have forgotten the most important parts of it too.

 Let your past go
Cause it's an extra weight that's not letting you race towards your future.
And if you don't hurry,
Your future will soon become your past
And will be forgotten too.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hire yourself

If they don't love you
Love yourself.

If they don't hire you
Hire yourself.

If they don't feed you
Feed yourself.

If they don't respect you.
Respect yourself.

If they don't build you
Build yourself.

If they don't open the door for you
Open the door for yourself.

You are  a one man corporation.
So stop thinking like their slave.
You are your own boss!
You are your own landlord.
You are your own judge.
You are your own worst enemy.
You are your own savior.

Love, hire and build yourself


Thursday, June 08, 2017


I had an operation done on me a few months ago and before doing it - I was told I needed to fill out a living will form which I did. It talked about what would happen to me if I would not be able to take care of myself and to ensure someone would be responsible for my body and everything connected to my finances.
That said - I started thinking about that concept - Living will and thought - how many of us - are living our lives - without any idea - what we would like to will the world around us to know about us.  What is our real living will - what would we like to inherit to the world while we are still alive if our minds start wandering? a poem by a wondering mind.


Dear world,
I would like to let you know
That while I am still alive
And full of life
I would still like to share with you
My living will
and my will to live.
What is my greatest inheritance?
If anything happens to my mind and I am not able to tell anyone what to do with that which remains of my thoughts?
Here are the ones I'd like to share for now-

I have a collection of comic books that are tucked away in my mom's attic.
And while the actual comic books are damaged and worthless.
Their stories are intact and priceless.
They shaped my childhood
And made me believe in justice, morality and humanity.
They made me believe that in the war between good and bad -
We must always join the forces of good cause good always wins.

In real life I saw that joining the bad people is easier and there are more victories.
But these dusty comic books are what made me try to always join the side of good.
Which I believe all of you also should.

I would like to share my hard drives,
Which I have no idea where I have stored.
Cause I have hid them not just from the world
But also from myself. So that my own self damaging self won't damage them.

They contain the history of my thoughts
Which to me meant the world.
There's my poems
My short stories
My long novellas
My entire mind is on those drives
Even the dark sides - I have never liked
But chose to share anyways
At least with my hard drives.
And while my mind will probably be wandering far far away - by the time anyone finds these drives.
You will be able to see that my mind had been wondering it's entire life.
Not just at the end.

And then there's my passion
Which I have no idea where it will hide
Cause I don't think passion is something that is connected to anyone body or mind.
It's an energy that eventually transfers from one person to the next.
Just like love.
I had a lot of passion - so I hope that energy will continue to live
At least in the people that I loved
And that loved me back.

And there's the lessons I learned from life
Which I would like to share with all of you
Cause it seems they will not be of any benefit to me any longer.
So there's no point in keeping them a secret.

I want you to know that I think the most important thing in life is to care.
Not about yourself but about others.
Even about the people that don't deserve it.
Sadly, I've wasted so much time on the people that don't deserve it.
But regardless of the energies these people sucked out of me -
It was still worth it.
Caring gave me so much energy and passion to live.
Caring gave my life  meaning .
It opened up my eyes
To the world around me
And opened up the world to me in new ways
I didn't know the world can open up to people.

I would like to will all those that did care about me -
to care about others - like I have tried to care about you.
To care about the sick, the aging and the poor.
To care about the homeless and  the unloved.
to care about the unfortunate that are always sad
And not overlook those who are geniuses at hiding their own sadness.

We owe it to the world
To care about those that the world has forgotten.
And remind those that don't care about the world
That one day - they might be forgotten too.
So it is better they help people like me
Cause if they will be forgotten.
At least they will still have people like us.
Who care about everyone and remember them too.

I will those who care to learn from me
To not be like me.
And not make the same mistakes over and over and over again.
I  wish I could will all of you to be better than me
and realize the only way to live a life you will truly want
Is to stop being afraid.
Of  yourself.
Like I am so afraid of myself.
That is my living will.
I hope it will give
Everyone that reads it
A will to live.
And mostly a will to love themselves
So much more than me.

I hope my passion to love -
finds all of you
And gives you the passion
To love yourself-
Just  as much as  I loved all of you!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

They will never hear you

They will never hear you
If you don't speak


They will never hear you
If you don't speak

They will never hear you
If you don't  make them hear you

And if they still don't hear you
And if you do speak -
Make them hear you.


Even when you lose your voice.
Go on shouting.
Until they hear you.

Don't be afraid
to interrupt whatever is so important to them
That they couldn't hear you.

Be afraid that they will not see-
That you are still there.
That you exist.
That you deserve to be heard.

Whatever you feel needs to be said
So that you will be heard.

If you can't make them hear you
Make them angry
Make them cry
Make them shout.

Make them take notice,
That from now on
You MUST always be heard!

אנשי האוטובוס

אני שייך לאנשי האוטובוס
  של כל העולם
אני אוהב לנסוע באוטובוס למרות שהוא איטי
כי כשאני יושב במושב האחורי ומביט באנשים סביבי
יש להם בעיניים את החוכמה שאני מעריך
אלו האנשים שלמדו על בשרם טוב טוב מה זה כאב ופחד אמיתיים 
אלו אנשים שחיים בלי מצנח זהב ויודעים את הטעם של התרסקות על הרצפה אחרי שחלמו חלומות יותר מדי גבוהיים.

 אני שונא לנסוע עם האנשים הזחוחים
האנשים שנוסעים במכוניות ספורט יקרות או רכבים גרמניים שחורים ומפוארים.
  אני שונא להסתובב בעולם עם הנהגים שחייבים להסביר לי שבגלל חשבון הבנק שלהם - 
הם יותר טובים משאר המין האנושי
שהם לא חייבים לדפוק חשבון ויכולים לדפוק אחרים
אני שונא את האנשים שנוסעים בכביש כאלו אין אחרים
שמדברים אלייך מהגבהיים
שמרגישים שהתפקיד היחיד שלך בחיים זה לשרת אותם
במרדף של עצמם אחרי הכסף של אחרים

אלו האנשים שנוסעים לבדם במסלול המהיר של החיים
ואולי הם מגיעים קצת לפנינו לכל המקומות שהם רוצים
 אז מה
 הם לא שייכים למין האנושי של
כי הם אבדו את התחושה של מה זה להיות אנושי

אני שייך לאנשי האוטובוס -  בכל העולם
כי רק שם אני מרגיש שייך לאנשים הצנועיים
שטעמו את המורכבות של החיים
ולמרות הכאב של אינטרקציה יום יומית עם החיים
אין להם ברירה
הם חייבים לצאת לעבודה
הם חייבים לצאת מהבית
הם חייבים לפגוש שוב ושוב ושוב את  האוטובוס
של המציאות
האוטובוס של החיים
ודווקא שם בדוחק ובצפיפות
אני רואה את הטוב שבאדם
 בחורה צעירה שנראית כל כך עיייפה
כאלו היא חוזרת הביתה ממשמרת לילה
 אחרי 12 שעות עבודה
כמעט תמיד
  תפנה מקומה לאישה קשישה שלא יכולה לעמוד יותר
כי היא מבינה
שגם היא יום אחד תהיה קשישה
ותמשיך לעבוד 12 שעות
במשמרת לילה
רק בלי אותה אנרגיה
וכמעט תמיד אני רואה
בחור שרירי רנדומלי
 עוזר לאיש נכה עם קביים למצוא מושב 
אישה קשת יום עם פרצוף מוכה ועצוב
 מחייכת לילד בוכה  במושב לפניה בנסיון
לגרום לו להפסיק לבכות

כן, שם
בתוך הצפיפות של החיים
ניתן לראות את כל מה שיפה במין האנושי
ולהזכר שבסופו של דבר אנשים הם כן טובים
בתוך תוכנו כולנו אנושיים

אני אוהב לנסוע באוטובוס של החיים
ולהזכר שלא כל האנשים רעים
כן, אני שייך לאנשי האוטובוס העולמיים

I wanted to thank my friend Maria Szumanski for sharing.
This was published the day my grandfather was murdered in the US.
I am so honored that the terrorist attack that killed my grandfather and brought so much pain to my entire family is not forgotten.

Thank you to Prof. Patricia G. Steinhoff for writing. I don't know who you are - but I am so grateful you did it.

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Lod Airport, today's Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv, was attacked on this date in 1973 by three members of the Japanese Red Faction who had been recruited and trained by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Dressed conservatively and carrying violin cases, they took out their sawed-off assault rifles from the cases and began firing and tossing grenades at airport staff and visitors in the waiting area. Twenty-six people were killed, of whom only eight were Israelis, among them Aharon Katzir, head of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences. The other victims included a Canadian and seventeen U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico. The lone surviving terrorist, Kozo Okamoto, told the Japanese embassy that he had done his "duty as a soldier of the revolution." He was sentenced to life imprisonment by an Israeli military tribunal, but served only thirteen years in prison before being released in 1985 with more than 1,000 other prisoners in an exchange for captured Israeli soldiers. Granted political refugee status in Lebanon, he is still wanted by the Japanese government. Wadie Haddad (Abu Hani), the Palestinian who was the primary organizer of the attack and later organized the Entebbeairport attack in Uganda, was poisoned to death by Mossad in early 1978. A senior defector from the KGB later told British intelligence that Haddad had been recruited as a KGB agent and that the Soviets had helped to fund and arm the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

"One of the ambiguities of Okamoto's revolutionary conception is that the enemy is not clearly defined. Sometimes the ordinary person living in bourgeois society is regarded as part of the enemy bourgeoisie. Yet at other times, he counts the same people as potential supporters of the revolution because they are victims of such things as pollution . . . Because he foresees total overthrow of the existing arrangements of society, he does not feel bound in any way by the moral values of the present world . . . On the other hand, he is not really certain of what society will be like after the revolution has occurred. When I asked him what kind of a world he envisioned after the revolution, he smiled and said, 'That is the most difficult question for revolutionaries. We really do not know what it will be like.'"--Prof. Patricia G. Steinhoff