Saturday, January 05, 2019

Everyone Lies

Everyone lies.
Those  who claim they are victims
Are  many times  closet bullies

Those who claims they are pacifists
are willing to engage in war for their agenda.

Many of those who claims they belong
Many of those who claim they are different
are actually exactly the same.
Those who pretend to fight
against public display of affection...
i.e. sex -
are the ones
most addicted to it in all its shades of complexity.

Everyone lies.
cause they want to see their unperfect lives,
colored in more beautiful
 and vivid colors.
So don't take it personal,
When everyone lies -
Cause they
mostly lie to themselves,
not just to you.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


I know you want to travel
farther than they did.
Above the mountains
the clouds,
the horizon.

Take an experienced travellers advice -
Always listen to the wind,
cause it's moving
 in the direction
that's right for you.

Never fight the wind,
Cause its blow-
can break you
faster than it breaks
 the deepest rooted trees.

Let the wind guide you
and push you forward
always forward
To where you need to go.

But if the wind ever changes course
and seems to be going against you
Don't fight.
Be patient
and if the winds
changes forever.
Dude and dudess,
Close your egos mouth.
and change too.
Listen to the winds of change.
Cause it is the voice of time itself.
Remember that the sound of the blowing wind
Is the sound of your destiny.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cheer up

Cheer up.
You are alive.
You are not totally alone.
You are still with us,
still able to wake up another morning
and fight.

Cheer up.
There's a lot of love in the world.
Even if
the one you just lost
You feel you lost forever.
There's never just one love for anyone.
Even if in the heat of the moment
It feels like games over.

Cheer up.
You'll find the path that's right for you-
Even if
you've been walking in the wrong circles
That have taken you nowhere
But to your own despair
what feels like forever.

Cheer up.
You're alive.
You are able to move.
to dream.
to find new friends.
to reach out to old friends.

Cheer up.
There's so much to live for.
Just open your eyes.
More importantly
Get up and
go back into the ring
starting now!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

No one knows anything

No one knows anything.
No one.

No one really knows
Who loves who
How much
And when that love will end
or if maybe
 it already ended long ago-

No one knows who is-
Behind closed doors -
Actually -
 a lunatic
 a hater
on the verge of unraveling
or evolving
Becoming a sun
or a black hole.

No one knows what's behind
Anyone's smile
or anger
And what is
Really going on
Inside the earthquake
of one's soul
Cause no one.
No one
knows anything.
Not even you.

No one knows
who is attracted to whom.
Who is attracted
 to men
or women.
Who is attracted
 to other things
just to name a few.
No one knows anything.
Not even you.

No one knows
and those
that spread rumors
 like they know.
are usually
 the ones
that really don't know.
Cause no one
no one
 knows anything.
Not even you.

Saturday, February 03, 2018


Did you see
how silent they all were
when it all happened,
Did you see how silence
is powerful
And evil-
Did you,
Did you see?

Did you see
How they had no shame
in their own cowardice?
 How they all knew what the right thing
to do was -
but instead chose
To pretend they didn't see?
Did you,
Did you see?

Did you see
How quickly
They went on with their -
daily lives
So fast,
Things no one
should ever forget-
Did you,
Did you see?

I hope
unlike them
you chose to see-
Cause you are my witness
That it really happened.
You must tell everyone
what you saw
To remind them -
That they did
They did see it too!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Why are we so
afraid of kindness,
you ask me?
As kids
we are shown the full extent of
kindness -
and feel it's intensity and healing magic
and then Poof-
we grow up.
Our  bubble of
love, chocolate and kindness
Blows up and disappers!
We wake up
to a cruel, swamp of
blood suckers and pain.
We become
Jaded and cynical
feeling at war with
everyone and everything
and sadly like many soldiers
in the war for existence
in an unkind hating world -
we stop being kind too.

how beautiful
our world could be
If we all made peace
with one another.
If we could all share
the gift of compassion
with everyone around us.
So why are we so afraid of kindness?
Cause deep down
We are all little kids
Who crave it so much!


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time doesn't wait for anyone

Time doesn't wait for anyone
Not even for you and me.
Time doesn't wait for anyone,
That's just how it'll always be.

Maybe in your mind you
can slow down
time just for  us
But in the real world -
Time waits for no one.
Not for you or for me.

Time  moves so fast
That if we don't hold on
to  each other
We'll just be left behind.

Time doesn't wait for anyone.
Love it. Hate it.
Time doesn't care.
It's moving forward.
Always forward.
with us or without us-
So hold on to me.

Time doesn't wait for anyone
And doesn't care about the past.
At all.
Unlike us.
Who always cares and remember
And always look more backwards
Than forwards.
So if you don't want to be left behind
We got to move on with the times.
I don't want to go
To the unknown future alone -
So please
Hold on to me.