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Mike Meadavoy screening and KCRW story I found by Evan Kleinman and I'm in it... pretty cool

Now that I'm working on revising our website - I've been Googling myself to look for links and found these two below. One is for a screening of my film OUT FOR LOVE at Sinai Temple with Mike Meadavoy one of the greatest producers alive. The other is for a story on KCRW I'm in that I wasn't aware I was part of.


In 2012, I didn't know much about KCRW. I was still somewhat of a newbie in the world of public radio.
I guess I was a judge in a food competition with Evan Kleinman who since then I've become a huge fan of.

Thanks to Google I recently found this story on KCRW's page. Not sure I ever posted it before.
So for my own history  I decided to make sure it lives at least on my page.

Hummus Competition – aka Continuing Food Education

Written by   
I don’t judge many food competitions, but when I was asked to judge a Hummus Competition I was intrigued. I eat hummus. I make hummus. But I’m not an expert on the addicting puree.
I’ve never been to Israel or Lebanon or Egypt so I have no frame of reference for what is considered correct and delicious in situ.  I have no idea of regional variations.  The contest, organized by filmmaker Avital Levy, and billed as a fundraiser for her documentary “Hummus Wars” would feature “5-7 contestants – all very different – a couple Israelis, a few Americans, 1 or 2 who never made hummus before, a chef for Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks studios and one for an Egyptian restaurant.
Since 2007 Israel and Lebanon have battled with chickpeas and tahini over the Guinness World Record for the largest bowl of hummus.  As the years go by the competition has pushed the size from a paltry 900 lbs to the current Lebanese behemoth bowl at 23,042 lbs (see photo above).  The title has gone back and forth across the border over the years.
The competition at a private home in the Hollywood Hills featured American, Israeli and Egyptian competitors.  How could I turn down such an excellent opportunity to further my hummus education?  My fellow judges were Dudi Caspi, writer for Shavua Israel and hummus lover and Dan Katzir, filmmaker and hummus blogger.  The MC started the evening off with the comment, “The moon is rising over the trees like a big bowl of hummus.”
Entries ranged from a lemony, super smooth Egyptian puree to a rough mash made in the pre-blender/food processor style.  There was an assertive SoCal version made with Jalapenos and a New York entry that was dense and sweetened with caramelized onions.  Cumin was omnipresent in some and nearly absent in others.  A couple could have used a little salt.  I learned a lot, laughed even more and learned that democracy is a powerful thing.  Turns out that we judges came to the same conclusion as the audience “tasters” who were texting their faves.
The winner for 2012  was the super smooth lemony hummus made by Egyptian Nancy Boules of Cafe Dahab. Runner up was 70 year old Jerusalemite Ram Alkaly, represented by his son Ben.


Another story I felt is also important to mention since we just discussed Hummus on my blog -  is one the mainstream media gave very little attention to. It was a small story but a huge gesture. I felt that I should mention it here so that I can see if my instincts about it's historical significance will indeed come true.

Gesture according to Webster dictionary is "something said or done by way of formality or courtesy, as a symbol or token, or for its effect on the attitudes of others"
This Gesture by Saudi Clerics I believe is one of the most important gestures in the middle east in the last 75 years between Israel and its neighbors.
Winds of change are truly blowing throughout the Middle East. Remember this moment in time as gestures like this one that get a small headline - sometimes lead to ground breaking historic changes.
Here's the link to the article and the article itself:

In first, senior Saudi clerics to visit Auschwitz

Mohammed al-Issa, head of the Mecca-based Muslim World League, to head a delegation of Muslim religious leaders from over 24 countries to the Nazi death camp. American Jewish Committee chief: This is the most senior delegation of Muslim religious leaders to visit Auschwitz ever.

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