Sunday, June 03, 2007

Can you ever grow up in LA?

Can one ever grow up in LA? I wonder.
On the one hand everyone stays young in spirit. Life's one long party. On the other hand, unlike being a kid, everyone's more goal oriented, and are always out there to get something out of life. I guess that's what makes the conversations more superficial.
It's not that people are superficial. They all want something, and so when they speak, instead of listening to what they're saying- people are trying to listen to what the other side wants.
When I was a kid, I also wanted stuff, but they were simpler stuff. I was kind of naive for most of my teens, and I wanted very little. Thus, friendships were a little simpler and more pure. It was all about wanting to be able to communicate with someone else- and less about trying to achieve anything, or do business with the other person.

Guess that's what growing up is all about. The same life but with a different perspective and a few more lines in the skin.

Life in party town continues.

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