Thursday, February 09, 2012


This morning the media outlets were reporting that a national deal in the US would allow the banks to pay about twenty something BILLION dollars and in return get full amnesty for the housing crisis they created inwhich millions of homes were foreclosed on.
Assuming 3-4 people live in each home we're talking about a staggering amount of people that have lost their roof. The crisis has affected tens of millions of people. A huge percentage of the population. I don't think there's one person in the US that doesn't know someone that lost a home.
I read that the homeowners who's home's were foreclosed on will be compensated by about $2000 each. Other homeowners that are now struggling will get some reduction to their loan to help them.
About $20,000
Helping some of the people pay their mortgage will probably anger many others who won't be getting any help cause they didn't try to game the system.
Giving full Amnesty is also problematic cause it too will cause a huge sense of injustice among everyone who's paying attention to the news.

I don't think corruption is a new thing. It's an old story as old as time.
But in modern times- especially in a media world where news is reported on 24 hours a day - politicians at least tried to keep a public face that they do care about the law and that they were elected to use the law to protect the people from the pariahs out there to destroy their lives.

The media is hardly reporting on this story. They're downplaying it as if it's not an important issue. They're treating is as a side story - even thought tens of millions care about it and it's ramifications is that more and more people will feel the world is a total jungle and in a world that behaves like a jungle - there are no laws- it's all about survival of the fittest and everything is legitimate in order to survive.

It's sad that humans, unlike animals spent so much energy and time to try to create societies that will have law and order so that people will be able to exist not feeling like they're in a jungle - but eventually - their animal instincts have come back to haunt them and as time goes by they are slowly returning to their roots and all of us are being pushed back to live in the jungle.

If there's any consolation - it's that when everyone will be back to the jungle - no one will actually need a home to live in - cause it's the jungle - so the millions who are now homeless cause their homes were foreclosed on - won't be that worse of than the rest of the people.

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