Sunday, April 15, 2018


I know you want to travel
farther than they did.
Above the mountains
the clouds,
the horizon.

Take an experienced travellers advice -
Always listen to the wind,
cause it's moving
 in the direction
that's right for you.

Never fight the wind,
Cause its blow-
can break you
faster than it breaks
 the deepest rooted trees.

Let the wind guide you
and push you forward
always forward
To where you need to go.

But if the wind ever changes course
and seems to be going against you
Don't fight.
Be patient
and if the winds
changes forever.
Dude and dudess,
Close your egos mouth.
and change too.
Listen to the winds of change.
Cause it is the voice of time itself.
Remember that the sound of the blowing wind
Is the sound of your destiny.

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