Sunday, February 26, 2006

Who would have believed that even STAR WARS would have its protestors. Signs like : STAR WARS IS SATANIC, MAY THE FORCE OF JESUS BE WITH YOU. Why do people have to find enemies everywhere- even in a sci fi chidlrens film ? What is the solution ? censoring everything? Why are people so bored as to fight even a popular chidlrens film ? Alex, my British friend visiting town to work on her show about extreme life in America, seemed more shocked by the anti Star Wars protest than the hundreds of Star Wars fans in costume. Life in LALA LAND continues. Am I starting to blend in treating both the people in costumes and the angry protestors , as part of the general show? One of the highlights of the evening- two people with anti Star Wars signs and huge crosses started shouting at a young lady dressed like Princes Leah. Then as the argument heated up, a guy dressed like Dark Vader came to her support and started shouting at the protestors. Go figure. Life , as one teacher once told me , will always be more dramatic than anything in film.
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