Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My favorite artist !
Well now that I've had my blog for a week, I feel old enough to finally look back and remember those who have influenced me. I've been lucky to meet lot's of artists in my art life.
Touring the film festival circuit
around the world, I've met quite a lot of them.
some famous, some yet to be famous. Some - has been famous.
A few artists I've met , very few to be exact, gave me some limited insight into the human condition.
Many gave me nothing but a headache listening to their vain ego.I'm still waiting to meet the artist that has been the most influential on me.Leonard Cohen.

I've heard his songs hundreds of times and still haven't figured out why they move me so much. There's something in his lyrics that is just so haunting. The more I listen to them, the more insight I seem to get about them. As the years have gone by, I've noticed that my understanding of them have only deepened.One never seems to outgrow Leonard's songs. It's wierd, as his songs aren't from my generation. They're older than me, and that has always made me wonder what that says about me. Am I an old soul ? Am I disconnected from my era?

Someone emailed me this drawing Leonard did.
I loved the title :

I never found the girl.
I never got rich.
Follow me.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Mr. Leonard Cohen in a nutshell.

Perhaps I should adopt that as my moto.

At least for this week.



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