Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So today I got an email that my new script - Children of September, went up the ladder in the Sundance script competition. It's been a good week.
We've gone up the ladder in the AAA script competition and now Sundance.
It's a story about growing up in the US of A. Living in a country where money has become the ultimate substitution for love.
A country where young people learn by example, from their parents - that the most important thing is to be in full control- and the more money one has - the more control possible.
Almost a brilliant philosophy. Only problem is money can buy most things but not emotions.
No matter how much gold, diamonds, and property one has- they can only help to impress others - not really influence their hearts.
That is, if one wants to affect their hearts.
Unfortunetaly I've noticed most people want to keep every thing not personal. Perhaps because personal might also hurt. Perhaps because personal cannot be controlled or bought.
Money can buy another persons limited trust- very limited most of the times.

So that's what this story is about. It's about the one girl who learned on the first week of college, that life can be different and that she doesn't have to listen to all she has learned from her mom, cause parents aren't always right.
She learns that since we only live once, it's better to live it in a truly exciting way and not just let life go buy, secured in a mansion\prison of diamonds.



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