Friday, February 09, 2007


Life of a gypsy continues.
The film is travelling and so am I. Every week in a new city. Prior to my film there was an amazing dinner at the home of one of the donors of the festival at his home. Somehow it turned out to be a Q&A between me and the donors of the festival. It was a lot of fun. My dad called in the middle. He had just landed in L.A. to make a story short the owner of the beautiful home knew my dad from the time they were both students...several decades ago... Making me realize once again what a Small world it is.

Natalie Gardner, my assistant director who relocated to Tucson saw the finished film for the first time. She really liked it. She worked with us a lot. It's funny how people react differently when a film is finished. It just looks so different watching it with a crowd of people laughing and crying in the theater.

A few memories from the journey:
Before the festival events the head of the festival took me to the cowboy studio where many of the cowboy films were shot.

A pity cowboy films have disappeared. I loved cowboy films. I also once talked about it on TV in San Francisco:

Here's the YouTube link to my thoughts about cowboys and Hollywood:

Howdy Tucson...

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