Friday, February 09, 2007


Santa Barbara Film Festival 2007.

Wow. What a roller Coaster ride. Santa Barbara Film Festival, with endless guests including Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Al Gore, and so many others. It was a wild roller coaster ride, that was so much fun. So many new friends. Filmmakers like Richard Kraft and Justin Lieberman as well as new local friends who've attended the festival.

I had an amazing time. We were very popular, and got an additional screening of the film thanks to the amazing audience turnout.
We had three screenings:

Lot's of parties that were done in the grandest of manners.

One of the sad things, is that I met a fine person, who didn't want me to identify her name, or use her image. She's a very smart and charismatic woman who wears many hats.
Basically she's an artist working full time in many other professions.
I feel she's a wasted story teller.

Hopefully, one day after she retires, she'll have time to focus on telling her amazing stories. Who knows, maybe one day she'll allow me to make one of her stories into a film. I don't know what impressed me more. Her stories, or the way she told them. There was an innocence about about her story telling, people in L.A. lack. This closet storyteller has lived in the world and seen some of the pain in it. Yet, she has an ability to bring a lot of compassion to her stories. A trait usually is missing from the way people tell stories back in Lala land.
Leaving L.A. always puts new perspective on L.A. and the people there.
There's something very edgy in L.A. and the people in it.But in that edge, there's also something missing. Guess there's something in living in a town of storytellers like LA, that slowly takes the heart out of the people living here. Why ? I don't know.
So refreshing meeting new people, who don't talk like Angelenos.

If I ever make a film about a little town cheerleading team- it will hopefully be with this new collaborator.
Hopefully she'll allow me to also use her name and post her image online.

Mystery writerlady told me she has many more stories, that are even more unique.
I hope we'll have an artistic collaboration. She's very creative.

Why is such an original writer not focusing on her own story and letting it gather dust in the depth of her soul? I don't know. I guess cause a lot of people don't realize how precious their stories and life experience really are.

So many parties. so many new people. Santa Barbara's festival, I predict will become one of the major film events in the U.S. in the very near future.

Much love from Santa Barbara,


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