Monday, June 21, 2010

Like many filmmakers I've also got into the new DSLR craze and just purchased my Canon 5D. One of the frustrating things is the lack of information out there for documentarians about this new technology. So to help the five people that look at this blog, I've decided to share a little bit of what I've learned as I'm learning it.
I've already had a few shooting days with this camera with phenomenal results and I do urge filmmakers on a tight budget to purchase this camera as the quality and the ability to shoot it low light make it an ideal candidate for making docs.

The disadvantages are:
1. Sound
2. Price
3. More technical knowhow than just shooting on a simpler prosumer camcorder -


The ability to get images that are superb and the abiliity to shoot in low light with very little light compensate heavily for the hassle of building a system rather than purchasing a camera that has it all.

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