Monday, January 16, 2017


It's MLK day today. I took my son to the MLK parade in Crenshaw.  It was a try powerful event. It was my first time going to the MLK parade and it seemed that it wasn't just a parade to commemerate Martin Luther King as it was a FREEDOM parade inwhich many groups that have been fighting for social justice, equality and freedom were all marching together.
Times they are a changing sang Bob Dylan so many decades ago - and the words of his song are just as relevant today as they were back then. Times are a changing and each decade new groups are finally standing up and demanding their own freedom.
Just like the Jews stood up after World War 2 and realized that it's time they demand NEVER AGAIN - they will never be treated like sheep going to be slaughtered -
Just like low wage workers united - and created unions - so that they will not be oppressed by their employers.
Just like African American united and demanded never to be treated like second class citizens
Just like Women united and demanded equal rights to men

There are still so many groups that have not come our of the shadows demanding their equal rights and when they start demanding it - they get punished - cause not enough of their members bonded together to become powerful enough to force real change.

Jews once a year celebrate Passover - one of the most important celebrations for Jews. In that night - all Jews around the world state that each and every person must see himself as if he left Egypt.

Every Jew must remember that freedom that has been so hard fought for - can be so easily taken away from us.

Looking at all the different groups marching in the streets - I remember that old Jewish saying which never really resonated with me. Here, in Crenshaw, for the first time in my life - that sentence finally struck home.

It seems that as much as humanity has advanced forward - there are many who are trying to push it backwards.

ALL HUMANS deserve to be free. We are all God's children. And we must fight for everyone's freedom - cause the minute we as citizens of the world allow one group to be oppressed and their freedoms to be taken - we are opening the door that will eventually allow someone to take our own freedoms.

Freedom seems like something that can never be taken away once it was given - but that's an illusion. History shows us again and again and again - how easily freedoms can be taken entirely from anyone. My grandfather was a very proud German. He even fought as a German soldier in World war 1. Then, the regime changed and suddenly from a proud citizen of his country - he was a fugitive running for his life from the Nazi regime that wanted to kill him and take his property.
One second a person is a proud vet and an honorable doctor in a society - the second moment the person is hunted in an attempt not only to take his freedom but also his life.
One of the most modern and civilized nations in the world - turned so quickly into one of the most barbaric nations in human history.
It happened in Germany. It can happen anywhere.
That is why it is so important to remember that all of us must always support those who are fighting for their freedoms - cause they are not just fighting for their own group - they are ensuring that all of
us will continue to be free.

Marting Luther King day 2017.
so many years have passed - but the dream lives on.

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