Monday, August 28, 2017


Don't be the background of your own life.
Be the foreground.

LET GO of the ones that don't want to see the real U
and want you to pretend that you are the background of their own lives.
It doesn't matter how connected you think someone is
Or how much you think they can one future day help you,
If someone doesn't want to see you
For who you really are
They're not that important to U!
Cause the real you is actually invisible to them and they will force the real you to
eventually become invisible to you too.

REMEMBER - You are the foreground of your life!
Be what you were destined to become.
It doesn't matter if you were destined to become a gold laying goose, a swan or just a really fun to hang out with black duck.
Regardless of what kind of bird you will become  - remember
You will always have wings
You will always be able to fly away.
You are a free bird.
You are a beautiful bird.
So don't let any fake friend cage you.
And if they try.
Fly away.

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