Sunday, November 05, 2017

Don't listen to all the noise outside

IF you want to be an artist.
Never listen to the noise outside.
Only listen to the voices within.

You see - the minute you stop listening to your own voice
and start listening to the noises outside.
They won.
They killed the artist in you.

Your voice will always direct you to your inner truth.
But only if you truly listen to your voice.
So listen to it.

The minute you start adopting someone elses voice as yours
You will be taking yourself on a journey to nowhere
and before you know it -
You will be so  lost in the forest of total darkness
you will see nothing, except your own despair
And feeling like a fake for pretending it is your voice.

Remember it is better to follow your own voice
And not know where it will take you
Than to follow other people's voices
And become totally lost estranged from your own soul -
Feeling betrayed that you didn't trust it
But preferred to trust another.
Never trust stranger souls.
Only trust you.
On condition you will never lie to you.

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