Monday, December 25, 2017

Loneliness is the quicksand of your soul

Loneliness is the quick sand of your soul. Avoid it -
Cause once you step in it
You will find how quick you sink.
till you drown .

Avoid it.
Avoid it!
Avoid it.

And if you fall in it -
Until someone comes to your rescue
Until you won't be lonely any more!

Remember, you control your destiny!
Remember - it is you - who will decide
If you will drown in loneliness
Or of if you will survive!
Don't stay quiet
Don't think you'll
save yourself-
By yourself,
Without anyone's help.
Don't think you can fight

And most importantly don't hate your savior
from your loneliness
Cause it is not his fault
you fell into your own black hole of loneliness.
Don't hate your messiah for saving your life!
Love yourself.
Maybe love your savior
Cause love is the only bridge above the quicksand of your soul.

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