Friday, January 12, 2018

Never let anyone step on you!

Never let anyone disrespect you.
Never stay quiet when anyone
Even playfully
Hints you are not smart
Or inexperienced
Or that  luck brought you here
 rather than your hard work and qualifications.

Never let anyone step on you!
Never let anyone plant doubts in your mind.
About yourself or your family.
It's just a more subtle way to destroy you.

Always remember
You are indeed magnificent.
You deserve to be here.
But only on one condition.
That you will never let anyone step on you
And that you promise to always fight
For your right to be here.
Cause everyone wants to be here
And those that don't fight
Eventually get pushed out.

Welcome to your new home
Among those that know what they are truly worth.
You are everyone's equal here.
You are among those who will never be stepped on 
ever again!

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