Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life is returning to normal after the sneak peek screening of my new documentary feature film in a private screening room in LA to a select few.
It was a really great screening, and the audience were very moved.
Like my previous projects, it seems people find it hard to pinpoint what makes them exactly moved by my stories- but somehow by the end of the piece they're in tears.
This one is about Zypora Spaisman, an old NY diva in her late eighties, who was battling to keep her small Yiddish theater alive. Through her story, we learn not only about Yiddish theater and fringe theater in NY, but moreover it's a tale about the human spirit and what keeps it truly alive- the passion to create.
It's a story about an old lady's fight to stay relevant in a society that worships youth and eventually makes all old people become invisible.
This old dame of Yiddish theater, isn't going to stay home and wait for death to knock on her door.
People ask me why I made this film . I don't know. Perhaps because living in LA for a few years, I've taken a few painful blows, and the chance encounter with this lady reminded me that no matter what- one must never seperate himself from the world- one must go out there and fight for his art.
Sometimes if you're open to the world, a chance encounter like I had with this lady, can make one remember what are the important things in life.

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