Friday, April 07, 2006

So yesterday I went to see the US premiere of the film : Post Military Trip.
A really interesting film, made by Indian director, Shruti Bhardwaj, who followed Israeli veterans after the army travelling to Goa, to dance trance and forget their army service and the tensions of Israel. Powerful film, and really interesting to see how an outsider see's the Israeli experience.

I wrote a book, after my army service. Over a decade ago, with a similar theme. It was very painful for me to write it. People who read it at the time had problems with it. Told me it's Sci Fi, not real life. The difference between me and those who read it was that I was there, in the far east, travelling after a rough four + years in the infantry.
Lately I've given it to people to read, and now it might finally be published.
Funny how sometimes time is what makes the difference in the way people read and understand text.

So interesting to see how a foreigner saw the things I had seen as an ex soldier.

Indeed I belong to a nation that has been forced into almost six decades of sending our teens to the front lines to experience life in a way that will never enable us to be the same like other teens around the globe.


As for info about the film : Check it out next at the Eilat Film Festival, and hopefully in other festivals near you :
Genre: DocumentaryDirector/Writer/Producer: Shruti Bhardwaj
Starring: Israel Aharoni, Paul Oakenfold and Kobi OshratSynopsis: The discovery of a tribal musical beat in Goa, India has caused a revolutionary harmony within the Israel youth. Today Israel has become the empire of Trance. In a land of conflict lives a world with no fear.

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