Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank you Gloria International Film Festival:
Ironically, the Yiddish film is getting accepted to festivals that one would not think we would.

Today the film is being shown in the Gloria Film Festival in Salt Lake Utah.

We still haven't been accepted to any festival in NYC, even thought it's a NY story. But we're being shown in Salt Lake Utah.

It's a great honor to be in Utah.

Seems like Christian audience will discover this film before Jewish audience.

The good - slowly there's an audience for the film.
The bad - not making it into the festivals I thought would accept me - the ones who were the perfect home for it made me slowly feel once again that this film - a small reflection of my soul- is homeless.

Anyways, I should be grateful, which I am for Gloria film festival and it's programmers.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

I am appreciative.

I'm sure the audience in Salt Lake City will love this film about life, love, and the passion to live.

Here's a description of the festival :

About the Festival
The Gloria Film Festival began in 2002 as the
Salt Lake City Film Festival. Founder Wayne
Lee was discouraged by the lack of uplifting
films, so he assembled a team of dedicated
film afficionados to create this
family-friendly event. Now in its fifth year,
The Gloria Film Festival continues to
showcase films that "stir the soul, heal the
heart, and enrich the world."

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