Sunday, November 12, 2017


Don't let them throw you out of your own home.
Get back in.

Its yours.
You built it.
You watered it with your love and passion.

Fight for your home
Cause You don't have Another.
Fight Like you have never fought before.
It Is Your home.
It Is worth the fight.

They want it
cause they are impressed by what you have done
to your home.
They want it
cause They Think They Can Take
your home
from You.
They think you are afraid.
They think you can't fight.
Oh... How wrong they are.

Fight for your home,
Cause you don't have another.
Fight for your home-
Cause this is a fight worth fighting for.
Fight for your home
Cause you built it.
Fight for your home.
Cause it is your home.
And no one will take it from you.

Whatever you define as your home
It is worth the fight.
It can have walls made of brick, wood, paper or dreams.
It can be a physical place or a metaphor.
It can be in the real world or only in your imagination.
It is worth the fight. Worth it. Worth it!
Did I mention
It is worth the fight?

Fight to win.
Fight to the end.
And even if you lose -
Make sure they lose too.
The home they tried to take from you -
Will cost them so much to win -
That eventually when they look back
They will not only remember what a hollow victory they won -
And how expensive and painful their victory was -
They will always remember it was your home
And even though they took it from you
In their minds it will stay yours forever.

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