Sunday, November 12, 2017


This is your day.
All of it.
Own it.
Use it.
Make sure - it is not wasted.
Make sure every second counts.

This is your day.
You are it's master.
All the hours of the day are yours.
You can do anything you want with your time.

Don't let the world waste it for you.
Work the hours you need,
To have have a life -
 Not more than that.

Remember -
The rest of your time is all yours.
Don't let anyone steal that time from you.
Cause people can give you back money
But they can't give you back time.

This day is yours
All yours
So don't waste it.
Do anything you want with that time.
Live it like it will never end.
Live it - like it will end in five minutes.
Live it like it was your last day.
Live it like it was your first day.

This is your day.
This is another opportunity to
live your own dreams and enjoy them.
These dreams were destined for you.
So wake up
And use your day
To realize your dreams.
Your dreams
And nobody else!

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