Saturday, January 20, 2018


Why are we so
afraid of kindness,
you ask thee?
Perhaps cause
As kids
we are shown the full extent of
kindness -
and feel it's intensity
and then
we grow up,
and  kindness

The world stops being kind,
To us.
Our Magical
children's bubble
Blows up!
we feel stranded
all alone,
in an unkind
dark swamp
Full of
blood suckers
and pain.

We become
Jaded and cynical
feeling at war with
the whole world
and sadly
like many soldiers
we stop being
kind too.

Think how beautiful
and unscary
our world would be
If we could all make peace
with one another.
If we could all share
the gift of kindness
with everyone.
Not just with little kids?
If we would treat everyone with respect
love, understanding and
and constantly receive it from everyone
all around us too?


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