Saturday, January 20, 2018


Why are we so
afraid of kindness,
you ask me?
As kids
we are shown the full extent of
kindness -
and feel it's intensity and healing magic
and then Poof-
we grow up.
Our  bubble of
love, chocolate and kindness
Blows up and disappers!
We wake up
to a cruel, swamp of
blood suckers and pain.
We become
Jaded and cynical
feeling at war with
everyone and everything
and sadly like many soldiers
in the war for existence
in an unkind hating world -
we stop being kind too.

how beautiful
our world could be
If we all made peace
with one another.
If we could all share
the gift of compassion
with everyone around us.
So why are we so afraid of kindness?
Cause deep down
We are all little kids
Who crave it so much!


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