Friday, January 12, 2018

You Will Become

Do you want to know Who you will become?
You will become the person you hated most as a young person.
Face it.
Accept it.
Admit it.

If you hated greedy pigs.
One day you too will end up living in your own mud  pond
blinded by your own desire for more

If you hated  cry babies you will end up whining more than anyone you ever met.
If you hated abusers
Good chance you too will become an abuser.
  If you hated your mother or father 
you will become them.

If you hated traitors
You will end up committing treason.
If you hated law and order
And thought you were the most rebellious -
You will end up working for the law.
dedicating your life to crushing rebellious souls
Like you so loved to be.

If you hated people who don't fight enough to keep their marriage alive
You will end up divorced.
Or just a regular betrayer of the marriage oath.

If you hated with a vengeance a certain religion or race or skin color -
You will probably marry them
Or at least sleep with them-
Hating your own hypocritical soul
and uncontrollable attractions
to that which you hated in vain.

If you hated fat people
You will end up fat.
If you hated people who aren't straight
You too will end up much less straight than a ruler.

The most important thing is
Don't hate yourself.
It's not your fault you turned into that which you have always despised.
That's just how all humans roll.
We dread what we will become
so we start hating it early on
Hoping our feelings will change our destiny
Which we know we can't change.

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