Thursday, November 16, 2006

Veterans Day.
Just another excuse for shopping sales in LA. But in many other parts of the country, it's connected to something bigger. To a memory of a moment where there was a draft. Where people were more willing to be a part of a larger picture. Where people were less cynical and jaded about politics and politicians and so were willing to risk their lives to protect their own societies. A time where people felt the need to give back to their community and spent some of the best years of their lives in a group enviroment learning about team spirit and team collaboration.

This veterans day I spent in a small town. Witnessing something that was real, and genuine and all so moving. Amidst a small group of protestors that reminded me that today the world is a little different, I saw a community come together in a truly sincere way.

So what does the future hold? Will the new world slowly drift to a place where there will be nothing left to hold everything together, or will we find new ideas and causes to unite us all and return the sense of community ?

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