Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday was a very sad day for lovers of Jewish arts.
John Rauch, founder and president of the Center for Jewish Culture and creativity died.
The CJCC, as may knew them was an organization founded 16 years ago by John and his wife- Ruth.
It had helped hundreds of artists, and art projects from the entire spectrum to reach completion and find an audience.
John was one of the people that were as close to saints as I had ever seen.
No matter how unique, different, and sometimes isoteric a project was. If John believed in the importance of the project to enhancing Jewish culture, he would invest days and nights into helping that artist not break in the tidal waves of cynicism and suspicion that are the greatest dangers to any project.
I worked with John and Ruth on several projects that reached their happy completion and if it wasn't for them- these projects would have probably never ended, as the general consensus of people who saw them was that these projects are not worth anyones time.
The Yiddish film, I recently finished was just another example of this.
John and Ruth made sure, I would continue believing in myself, long after I lost my belief, and their determination and support allowed me the energy to complete this film.

A sad day indeed for the arts.
A sad day for dreamers.
A very painful day, and yet I am so grateful to have met him.
He is one of the people, I can honestly say changed my life.

Good by John. I will miss you, and yet feel you will continue to be with me forever.


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