Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am me !!!

So I discovered much to my horror that there's another Dan Katzir living in LA. He's about my age. Jewish, like me. Well educated . Like me. He's doing something meaningful. Like me.
We even know some people in common, who have met us both, and will testify that we're both good people.
I've never met the other Dan Katzir, who like me, has a very full life, and so is probably so busy, he doesn't have time to search for the other Dan Katzir.
Has he ever gotten my mail- the other Dan Katzir?
I googled him. I've even seen his picture.
The other he, who is not me.
He is the head of the Broad foundation, which I can only assume is a very interesting job.

Some people told me they needed to google me, and didn't know who is me and who was not.
I'm the filmmaker, thank you very much.
I'm the one trying to write about life, film life, and expose life, through my point of view.
That's all I do.
For all of you who are searching info about me, I've included below some links, to the info that is really about me- not just about the person who shares the same name as me, but isn't me.

What are the chances of two people with the same name and last name, and not a common one, living in the same city- maybe in the same neighborhood? How wierd?
Two Dan Katzir's lived in the world. They weren't related, but they were neighbors.
Will I ever meet the other DKLA? Maybe.
but until then, I'm marking this territory.
I'm also including my links, so that there won't be any confusion.



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